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December 6–12, 2019
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Room 114
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Saturday, October 26, 2019


I’m writing to solicit your participation in a new bibliographic resource called Anxiety Archive—an aggregation of texts regarded by readers as offering a meaningful rendering or account of anxiety in any of its many forms. The intended result of the archive is not a “self-help” proclamation, but rather a directory for readers, writers, artists, and researchers hoping to explore a phenomenon we each uniquely encounter.

As the bibliography is assembled, it will be listed in an online repository at In December, each of the “acquired” documents will be gathered together and made available at a small reading room in New Haven, Connecticut.

I invite you to make a suggestion of any kind for addition. Essays, stories, novels, comics, poems, and papers, for example, will all be gladly considered. What texts have illustrated some dimension of unease for you? If no titles come to mind, please don’t worry—instead feel free to peruse the website for reading material and find a title that speaks to you.

Thank you,


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